Peter’s career in real estate spans more than 25 years. He has renovated, developed, built and sold tens of millions of dollars of Long Island real estate. When he realized the importance of property being assessed fairly, Peter founded Property Assessment Correction Group (PACG) and ZapMyTax.

During Peter’s earlier years of developing property, the same top 2 questions were asked – “what’s the asking price” and “what are the property taxes”. After successfully grieving his own property taxes and those of close friends, starting a property tax consulting business was the natural next step for the passionate Long Island real estate entrepreneur.

To this day, Peter is still advocating for Long Island homeowners. He is constantly researching and obtaining the latest property information and the technology to use it. Peter has also, along with a team of professional tax reduction consultants, designed state-of-the art appraisal software.

His latest achievement is ZapMyTax.com, an online tax reduction service enabling homeowners to easily file property tax grievances that result in tax reductions.