Jeanette has served Nassau and Suffolk Counties for more than13 years as a Real Estate Appraiser before joining ZapMyTax in 2013 as Director of Evaluations. Jeanette is active in the field in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, respectively.

Jeanette utilizes her expertise along with our cutting edge software to assemble statistics, trends and other valuable data to determine the “Correct Value” of our clients’ homes. There has yet to be one scenario that she has not been able to put her analytical skills into practice to get the best possible property tax reduction for ZapMyTax clients. She thrives on analyzing challenging, complex appraisals.

Jeanette and her husband have been homeowners on Long Island for more than two decades. She takes pride in the fact that she has saved many ZapMyTax clients hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively on their property taxes every year! She knows Long Island is a great place to live and raise a family and she not only wants her family to stay here — she wants to help your family stay here, as well by helping our clients reduce their burden of overpayment of their property taxes.

When Jeanette is not collaborating with her staff and compiling fool-proof client appraisals, she can be found on some of the most remote beaches in the Caribbean in the winters or on the beaches of Long Island in the summer, with her husband and two children. Jeanette enjoys time with her family and entertaining in her home.


+  Analytical, experienced and active in the field

+  Works closely with her team to prepare winning appraisals for our clients

+  Takes pride in helping Long Island homeowners reduce their property taxes

+  Active in the industry and local community networks