How Tax Grievance Works/Our Fees

Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners like you are feeling the pain of high property and school taxes. You may have filed for STAR or other exemptions, but you may still be paying more than your fair share of taxes. 

A Property Tax Grievance is a formal complaint that is filed contesting a town’s assessed value of a specific property. We can’t change the calculations and rates the State and your town use to determine your Property Taxes. What we can challenge – and have reduced – is the taxable value of your home. If the Tax Assessor lowers that, the total taxes you pay are reduced, because your assessment is lower.

Many property owners worry that if they file a grievance, their taxes may be raised or someone from the assessor’s office will come to their home. We can assure you that neither of these things will happen. Upon filing a tax grievance, your property tax assessment can be lowered or remain the same, but can not be increased, and no one will come to your home.

  • There is no risk involved in filing a tax grievance. Your assessment can not be increased because you filed a tax grievance
  • There are no home inspections
  • A reduction does not affect your other exemptions such as STAR

Our Fees

If we do not obtain a Property Tax reduction for you, there is absolutely no cost to you — That’s a pretty good incentive for us to do a great job for you!

After you completete Tax Grievance Authorization, we handle the entire process on your behalf. When we are successful in obtaining a Property Tax Reduction for you, the county and township of your property will determine our fees on your first year savings.


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