2020/2021 Tax Grievance Authorization – Nassau County

ELIGIBILITY: You may sign this agreement if you are in any one of these four categories: A) You own the property listed below or otherwise bear the responsibility for the payment of the taxes; B) You are the authorized agent for a person in category AC) You are in a contract to purchase the property you wish to file for; or D) You are the administrator or executor of the estate of the late homeowner. In accordance with NYS law, you may cancel without penalty within three days of signing this agreement. I agree to pay such fees in the event I sell or move out of the subject property and I understand this agreement will survive the sale however the purchaser may assume responsibility for this agreement and payment.

FEES ON SUCCESSFUL REDUCTIONS:  Our discounted fee is 40% of your first year’s savings, (2021/22 one tax year) due within 60 days of official notification. After 60 days, Our non-discounted fee is 50% of your 1st-year savings is due unless payment arrangements have been made. Late payments are subject to a $50 processing fee and 1.5% interest per month. Reasonable attorney/collection fees are charged on balances older than 90 days. If a refund for overpaid taxes is issued ZapMyTax is authorized to negotiate, collect and deposit refund and deduct fees therefrom. Any balance will be promptly dispersed to the taxpayer.     

DESIGNATION OF REPRESENTATIVE: I fully authorize ZapMyTax (ZMT), an independent company, to act as my/our representative/agent in an application to challenge my Property Tax Assessment for the 2021-2022 Assessment Roll at any preceding judicial or otherwise including Article 7 of the New York Real Property Tax Law. NYS charges a $30 fee on all appeals. During the course of any assessment review process, ZMT is required by law to make reasonable efforts to communicate the terms of any offer of settlement made by the County. ZMT will ensure my application for a Property Tax Reduction will be fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. I am not required by law to use a tax reduction service to file and/or receive an assessment reduction. 

The undersigned, CERTIFIES that they are an aggrieved party for the tax year 2021/22 within the meaning of the Real Property Tax Law and hereby authorizes Representative ZapMyTax (REP CODE #350)  as our agent and representative to file with the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission and file an appeal if it deems necessary with Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court. By signing, I agree to the terms and conditions stated above.